Venue Catering

We aim to provide the best food and drink offering for arena customers. We create unforgettable experiences by offering a variety of mouth-watering food while concert goers watch their favourite shows. Our flagship venue is the Motorpoint Arena Nottingham where we have introduced eco-friendly cups and developed several unique catering outlets as detailed below.

Our Eco-Friendly Cups

As part of our commitment to managing our environmental impact, we operate a reusable cup scheme. When you buy a drink with us at the Motorpoint Arena Nottingham we charge £1 for the cup which is refunded once the cup is returned at any point during the evening. The cups are then washed and sterilised so we can use them again on our next event. By doing this, we don’t waste thousands of one-use plastic cups and as a result, we’re doing our bit for the environment by significantly lowering our carbon footprint. If you would like to read more on what we do for the environment, please click here.

Our Catering Outlets at the Motorpoint Arena Nottingham